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Create a new Project

A guide to create and configure a new project

This page will help you create and understand a Brevz project configuration.

If you have some trouble with this guide, you can come to our slack to ask questions or send us a mail at

This tutorial walks you through installing and configuring Brevz on your website. To do this tutorial you'll need a Brevz account, do not worry, Brevz got a free tier. If you don't have an account yet, create one here.

Create your project

Every users can have unlimited projects, generally, a project is equivalent to a website or an integration.

Create a Project

A project is defined by multiple attributes:

  • Name: The name of your project, it'll allow you to identify it easily.
  • Languages: The languages that your project supports. You will have to provide a translation for each of these languages in your messages and notifications.
  • Fallback language: If a visitor uses a browser whose language is not supported by your project, he will fall back on this language. We suggest you put English here.

Then you will have all the configuration of the project features.

Choose your Brevz' features

As you know, Brevz has two main features:

Setting up Changelogs

The first part of the configuration will allow you to activate the Changelogs.

If you enable changelogs, you can either use the built-in speech bubble directly or choose to use a javascript function in your code to show or hide the changelog panel.

The bubbleThe bubble


You can easily choose the colors of the bubble to align them with the colors of your site. We advise you to make sure that the chosen colors are accessible.


The bubble is on top of everything, by default we put it at the bottom right part of the screen.

Setting up Notifications

The second part of the configuration will concern the notification feature.


Each notification can have the icon you want, we ask you to put one by default, this will avoid you to choose it for each notification, however you can very easily choose another one for any of your notifications.


The opt-in is the little box that will open to invite the visitor to accept notifications on your site, you can add translations on the opt-in to customize the message according to the language of the visitor.

The opt-in will not open if the visitor has already chosen to decline notifications.

An automatic request system is present so that you can automatically ask a visitor who visits your site for the first time to be notified.

You can also trigger this request by executing a javascript code window.brevzSDK.asknotification().

The Opt-inThe Opt-In

The Powered By Brevz is only visible when you have a free tier.

Advanced configuration

You can have a more advanced configuration per client using the client-side configuration.