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Send a notification

Learn to send a notification to everyone or a segment


This topic explains how to send a notification from the notification create tab to subscribers.

Subscribers are visitors who have enabled their browser to send them notifications.

You can create and scheldude notification for your subscribers

Create a notification

Brevz let you create notifications for your subscribers


When you create a new notification you can override the scheldude at field, it's the field which indicate when the notification will be sent to users. The scheldude at field is filled with a default value at the current date and time.


When you send a notification, subscribers will receive this notification when their browser with which they are registered are up. They do not need to have an active tab to your site but they need their browsers to be launched. When the notification is send, they have the expiry time to launch their browser to receive it or the notification won't be sent to them.

The expiry time cannot be more than 30 days.


You can add an image to your notification, it may help bring context to your notification.
The recommended size for the image is 720x360px.

Some operating system will not display it, (macOs for instance).


You can override your project's default icon with a custom icon here.
The recommended size for the image is 192x192px.


You can add a link to your notification: the subscriber will follow the link when he clicks on the notification.

Targeting rules

You can choose targeting rules from your segments list, it will describe to which subscribers we need to send this notification to.

Learn more about segments and targeting rules here.


  • Silent: Specify wheter the notification is silent (no sounds or vibrations issued), regardless of the device settings.
  • Require interaction: Specify wheter notification should remain active until the user clicks or dismisses it, rather than closing automatically.

Simple Analytics

Every notifications send with Brevz will be here.

Notification example

You have a little summary about a notification, with very simple analytics.


The sent indicator will describe the percentage of messages sent by Brevz to your subscribers, when the number is not 100% it indicates that some of your subscribers have unsubscribed from your notifications and will be updated on Brevz.


The delivered indicator will describe the percentage of messages received by your subscribers.


The clicked indicator will describe the percentage of subscribers for whom the notification generated a click.


The closed indicator will describe the percentage of subscribers for whom the notification generated a close.

Customized your notification per users

As you may have read the article on targeting for notifications, you know that you can assign custom values for each visitor. These values can be used when sending notifications to your visitors.

We allow you to enrich these variable notifications with a special notation: ${VARIABLE_PATH}.

Example of visitor data for a blog Example of visitor data for a blog

If we want to send a notification that when clicked will open the value present in lastpost_link then we will have to fill ${custom.lastpost_link} in notification's link.

What if my visitor doesn't have a custom variable ?

For now, the notification will still be displayed with a null value instead, soon an option will be available so that only successfully enhanced notifications will be sent to visitors.