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Learn to use hooks to empower Brevz


This topic explains how to use a hook from the hook create tab.

Hooks are the notification automation systems of Brevz. The hooks are divided into 3 parts:

  • The triggers: they will control the triggering of the hooks.
  • The segments: they will condition the sending of notifications.
  • The template: The template notification that will be sent to targeted visitors.

A hook will not be able to send a second notification to a visitor until the visitor has returned to the site.


We have two types of triggers: Webhook & recurring.


Webhooks are unique links that allow you to trigger hooks every time you call them. For the time being no arguments can be passed to them, soon the webhooks will be able to receive variables to set up the notifications.

A webhook has to be called using a GET.


Recurring triggers will run every X minutes, but cannot run more than once every 5 minutes.


The segments will be used to define who should receive the notification. A whole page is given to them here.


The notification templates will define the structure of the notification to be sent. Everything is explained here.