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(Guide) Quick start

A little guide to help you get started with Brevz' changelog feature.

This page will help you using changelogs for your project.

If you have some trouble with this guide, you can come to our slack to ask questions or send us a mail at

This tutorial walks you through installing and configuring Brevz on your website. To do this tutorial you'll need a Brevz account, do not worry, Brevz got a free tier. If you don't have an account yet, create one here.

You neither do have to be a developper or to follow this guide, but for advanced integration, you may need to understand few javascript concepts.

Step 1: Create a new project

Follow this guide to create a new project.

Step 2: Create a new category

Brevz's message should be split into categories: it'll help your visitors to understand the main subject of the message.

So let's start by creating a new Category!

Create a Category

You'll have to choose a color and translate your category to each languages choosen for your project.

Step 3: Create a new message

Okay now we'll create a new message that'll be shred to every visitors ! A pre-templated message has been designed to help you go faster writing messages.


You must fill the message's category to help the customer understand the message's purpose with a glance.

Message creation: category field


You can manage the timeframe your message will be visible with a posting date and a posting end date. Usefull for limited offer, special events or just to scheldude a new message.

Message creation: view field


Your message's title, when it's link to a blog post or if you have a link to provide describing the context of the message, we suggest you add a link to it.

You are not limited but we advise you to try to have a short title, it'll engage customers more easily.


Your message's content where you'll be describing the purpose of the message.

Your message's footer, usualy what you want is to generate a call-to-action, it's the best place to create it: it's closing the message, either your user will click on it if he is hooked by the message or will resume his navigation.


You can, and you should place an image that you own or that you have the right to distribute. A message with an visual content is way more enticing for users, it helps to illustrate the content.

Message creation: media field

If you place an image, please put a description of this image for accessibility.


You can choose to create a draft of this message: it won't be published to visitors but you'll be able to see it and publish it after. Usefull to do a review of your message.

Step 4: Message created, publish it

Your message is created, you can now publish it! Hit the published switch to publish it.

Message created

Step 5: Integrate Brevz to your website!

That's it! We have a new changelog ready, if you haven't integrated Brevz to your website yet, go read this guide.

Next steps

This example allow you to start working with Brevz. Check out the following ressources to learn more about Brevz: